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Letter from the OCFC President

Hello OCFC Flying Family,

The board is excited to be kicking off a new year with several social events planned to build and grow the community experience within our club.  You will be hearing more about these events in the near future.

On a great positive note, our membership is growing, and we see many folks working on ratings and practicing their piloting skills more than ever.  With growth and more flying comes potential issues with plane availabilities and potential scheduling inconveniences when one or both planes are grounded for regular or unforeseen maintenance.  I believe we are in a good spot in our membership level to add a significant change to the club that can benefit all and reduce the likelihood of these scheduling inconveniences.

The board is ready to add another aircraft to our club to ensure everyone has access to planes in a reasonable time frame.  As such, we want to reach out to all members and ask that you contact us if you know of anyone that owns a C172 or equivalent aircraft that would be interested in leasing to the club.  If you yourself have had interest in owning an aircraft, the board would be more than interested in discussing ways the club can assist you with covering cost of ownership through a lease back agreement.

Owners who lease to the club retain all hourly rental fees collected, receive hangar subsidies, and help with oil costs.  The club also covers the insurance cost of the aircraft as well as collect and file the required taxes on rental income.  Owners also benefit from membership monitoring and caring for the aircraft through plane washes, updates on plane status and support during 100-hour inspections when requested.

We earnestly ask all member’s help in finding the next aircraft for our club and will award 2 flight hours to any member that helps us successfully achieve this goal.

Happy hunting and we look forward to hearing from you all!

Safe Flying,

Ben Stovall
OCFC President

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