How to Join OCFC and Documents

Membership Documents

To gain access to membership documents, you must create and login to OCFC's website.  If you have not created an account, you can create it on the Login Page.  Once you are approved for "Potential Membership" status, you'll gain access to our formal club application and TSA documents for joining and accessing our facilities at the SouthEast Ramp.

Documents must be digitally filled out, printed, signed before turning in to OCFC.  All documents have been formatted with fill in fields.  (New members must fill out All Highlighted documents)


Please send all Membership Documents and Information Requests to

Process for Membership Approval

The Board of Directors have ratified a 5 step process for approving new members that will streamline the membership process.

  1. Welcome New Members

    1. There may be a waiting list at the time of application submission,
    2. Open availability required.  
    3. Monthly Dues:  $60.00 billed Quarterly via ACH (Billing is prorated from date of first flight).
  2. TSA Badging
    1. Fingerprinting
    2. FBI Background Check
    3. TSA Airport Operations Video Course Completion
    4. Co-op Fueling Video Course Completion
    5. Every 12 months, Access Badge must be renewed.  If you do not turn in for renewal, Orlando/Sanford Airport Authority will bill you $250 fine.
      1. Notes from SE Ramp:
        • New badges – each step has a 30 day window - *you must complete fingerprints within 30 days from submittal of application - *you must complete training and pick-up of new badge within 30 days from the date you received notification of background clearance – if you miss any of these “windows”, you will be required to start the process over.
        • Renewal of badges – you have 6 weeks (two weeks in prior month thru end of expiration month) to renew your badge.  Once application and training has been completed, you must exchange your badge (at the badge office) prior to expiration.
        • Expired badges – you have 30 days from date of expiration to either (1) complete the full renewal process (including exchange of badge) or (2) return the badge.  If you fail to complete one of these options, you will be subject to the Airport Authority issued fine of $250 for an expired, un-returned badge.  THEY DO NOT MAKE ANY EXCEPTIONS
        • No Call/No Show for badge appointments – if you schedule an appointment with the badge office and fail to show up or call to cancel – you will be subject to the fee of $25.  This fee will need to be paid prior to rescheduling a second appointment.
        • Time Outs – your badge has an automatic “Time Out” period of 45 days – if you fail to use your badge on any card reader (these include, gate 15E, gate 16E, pilots’ lounge and fuel terminal) within 45 days, your badge will time out.  To have your badge reset, please contact me.  Note – resets can only be done during office hours of the badge office (M-F / 8am to 4pm).  If you feel that you are close to timing out or have already exceeded the limit, and have plans to visit the ramp outside of these day/times, please just let me know ahead of time so I can have you reset prior to your arrival.
  3. A Board Member's Approval
    1. Interview w/ a Board Member
    2. Application Submission & Supporting Documents
      1. Forms 1, 2 & 4 Above
    3. Application Fee $150.00
  4. Check Instructor's Approval
    1. FAA Medical
    2. Proper Licenses, Ratings, and Endorsements to operate under FAR's and Club Insurance Requirements.
    3. Completion of annual aircraft checkout w/ endorsement.
  5. Board Member Follow-up
    1. Board member or Instructor should be following up with new members periodically after initial membership approval.