Membership Documents

Documents must be digitally filled out, printed, signed before turning in to OCFC.  All documents have been formatted with fill in fields.  (New members must fill out All Highlighted documents)

  1. OCFC Membership Application   ($150 Application Fee Req.)
  2. TSA Badge New Application Form
  3. TSA Badge Renewal Form
  4. Tenant Agent Access Form


Process for Membership Approval

The Board of Directors have ratified a 4 step process for approving new members that will streamline the membership process.


  1. Limited Membership Roll
    1. There may be a waiting list at the time of application submission,
    2. Open availability required.  
  2. TSA Badging
    1. Fingerprinting
    2. FBI Background Check
    3. TSA Airport Operations Video Course Completion
    4. Co-op Fueling Video Course Completion
  3. A Board Member's Approval
    1. Interview w/ a Board Member
    2. Application Submission & Supporting Documents
      1. Forms 1, 2 & 4 Above
    3. Application Fee $150.00
  4. Check Instructor's Approval
    1. FAA Medical
    2. Proper Licenses, Ratings, and Endorsements to operate under FAR's and Club Insurance Requirements.
    3. Completion of annual aircraft checkout w/ endorsement.
  5. Board Member Follow-up
    1. Board member or Instructor should be following up with new members periodically after initial membership approval.