Process for Membership Approval

The Board of Directors have ratified a new 4 step process for approving new members that will streamline the membership process.


  1. Limited Membership Roll, There may be a waiting list at the time of application submission, open availability required.  
  2. A Board Member's Approval
    1. Interview w/ a Board Member
    2. Application Submission & Supporting Documents
      1. Forms 1, 2 & 4 Above
    3. Application Fee
  3. Check Instructor's Approval
    1. FAA Medical
    2. Proper Licenses, Ratings, and Endorsements to operate under FAR's
    3. Completion of annual aircraft checkout w/ endorsement.
  4. TSA Badging
    1. Fingerprinting
    2. FBI Background Check
    3. TSA Airport Operations Video Course Completion
    4. Co-op Fueling Video Course Completion