There are a ton of aviation links that have great content.  Here are some that will help you with your trips and training.

Club Links

Scheduling for All Aircraft Starting April 1st, 2019

FlightCircle Scheduling Software - OCFC has migrated over to this system.  All scheduling for OCFC Aircraft, will be done through this site.

Quick and Easy Flight Circle Tutorial Video

Proper Dispatch and Check in Procedures


Flight Planning

Use SkyVector to plan your next flight.  Check destination information and overlay current weather and radar.

FltPlan is one of the largest flight planning companies in the world, creating more than 6.3 million flight plans annually. With 19 years of experience and more than 165,000 registered users, FltPlan offers comprehensive, self-service flight management solutions as well as premium offerings ideal for Business and General Aviation operators. Popular tools include a free flight planning and filing website,, available for U.S., Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, Central America, Panama, and parts of Venezuela and Columbia, as well as other premium web-based offerings. The company also offers a complementing free FltPlan Go app for iOS, Android, and Windows.

AirNav is the largest airport database online.  Check every detail you need to know before you go about your destination, both aviation and vacation related.


FAA Approved weather briefings made simple.  Check Metars and Area Forcasts in the new and approved Graphical Interfaces.

New:  HEMS Weather Tool

METAR Text Messages - (Get METARS on your phone via text message by texting 358782) "Message:  M {AirportID}".  add {space}PT at the end for plain text, or MT at beginning for METAR & TAF.  Type HELP for additional information.

Great website for looking at a forecast snapshot of most mid-large airports around the nation.

Check the weather outlook for your area with this valuable weather tool.


Popular Aviation Links

Track any flight, anywhere, anytime.  This is a great tool to track your own flights to see what your flight data looks like.  You can track by aircraft, airport or many other features.

Browse live ATC audio feeds from locally to around the world.  You can also download archived feeds from the past.  Great for practicing listening for ATC phraseology.

The Essential App for Aviation

Individual pilots and professional flight crews all over the world depend on ForeFlight's integrated flight app to make flying safer, easier, and more efficient.

OCFC currently has (2) Stratus 2 units for its members to use in aircraft.  They only work with ForeFlight Apple App.

Pilot Partner Logbook - Electronic pilot logbook software allows you to track and backup your critical flight data to maintain currency and view logs. View flight logs in creative and insightful ways impossible with a paper log.

Safety Program Airmen Notification System (SPANS)

SPANS is an online seminar notification system. Many of you now have taken advantage of FAA sponsored seminars to increase your skills as airmen. The FAA has recently launched the SPANS system to provide better seminar information notification in a timely manner and easy access for Airmen. The SPANS system is taking the place of the current paper based snail mail system. This transition will provide better service to Airmen at the same time as reducing costs.

AOPA is one of the leading associations that help promote General Aviation in the US and Worldwide.  Their site is chock full of great content and training media.

We're a community of pilots and aviation enthusiasts who promote and support recreational flying. Our mission is simple: grow participation in aviation by sharing The Spirit of Aviation.

The South East Ramp hangar complex was established in 2005 and has over 275,000 square feet of hangar facilities for lease in 24 buildings at the Orlando Sanford International Airport. The facility is located adjacent to the Seminole County Sports Complex.

2151 Spinner Lane, Sanford, FL 32773


Every week, AOPA publishes a show to highlight everything aviation.  Find out about new products, legislation, training, anything else that keeps us as pilots in the know.

Broadcast from Orlando Florida - The world's first and only nationally syndicated radio show devoted to aviation lifestyle and learning to fly! Just Plane Radio airs live every Saturday from 11am-noon EST on radio stations throughout the US and worldwide on the web streamed live and through archived podcasts. Each week the JPR crew navigate the latest aviation news and information often combined with an irreverent twist. Listeners (referred to as the passengers on the show) can participate live at 1-888-884-2FLY, through emails, or by clicking on the “Get on the air” tab 24/7 right here at