Membership Fees

  • One-time $150 initiation fee non-refundable.

  • $60.00 monthly dues, billed quarterly.

Aircraft Rental Rates

OCFC aircraft rental rates are based on 'tach time'. Tach time is determined by a timer which is driven by the tachometer. This timer is set by the factory such that a tach hour is equivalent to a clock hour at a relatively high RPM setting. At lower RPM settings the tach timer operates slower than clock time. In contrast, most FBO's charge on 'Hobbs time'. A Hobbs hour is equivalent to a clock hour. The Hobbs timer records clock time whenever the engine is running, regardless of engine RPM. Rental rates based on tach time instead of Hobbs time can result in a significant savings to the renter, particularly during training and local flying. As a general rule of thumb, tach time is roughly 80% to 90% of Hobbs time.


OCFC aircraft rental rates are 'dry rates', meaning fuel is not included. Members are required to top-off the aircraft after each flight, regardless of duration. A self-serve fuel tank is conveniently located outside of our hanger on the Southeast ramp. OCFC members are able to join the SE Ramp Fueling Cooperative, guaranteeing some of the lowest fuel rates in the area.


The OCFC rental rates shown are subject to change without notice.  Updated June 2nd, 2023