SouthEast Ramp Security Violation – WARNING –

Hello everyone –


Attached you will find a Security Violation letter which was issued earlier this week to the South East Ramp.

As we have discussed multiple times, it is extremely important that each individual when either entering or exiting any gate follow the mandated security procedures of the Airport.

Please make sure that you Stop, wait for the gate to close – verify that the gate has reached the post of the opposite side (thus closing completely) – and then proceed on your way.  If the gate should happen to malfunction, please contact 407-585-4101 immediately so that Airport Operations can assist with the problem.  In most instances, if you return to the card reader and re-swipe, this will usually reset the gate and it will complete its path without further incident.

Unfortunately Gate 16E seems to experience this problem with some frequency, but this particular incident was with the Centerline gate, Gate 15E, so please ensure that you are extra cautious.

Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me directly.  Your attention to this matter is imperative to the safety and security of everyone here and is greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

Sonya Brauer
2151-2161 Spinner Lane
Sanford FL 32773
P 407-998-2059
F 407-599-2677

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