DUATS II to be discontinued on May 16th

As you may be aware, the FAA will discontinue the Direct User Access Terminal Service (DUATS II) Program on May 16, 2018. On that date, the AOPA Flight Planner, AOPA GO and other flight planning tools will no longer have the ability to brief or file via CSRA DUATS. Users should transition to using 1800WxBrief (Leidos Flight Service) for briefings and filing on or before May 16th to eliminate possible disruptions. Both the AOPA Flight Planner and AOPA GO are fully integrated with 1800WxBrief. The online AOPA Flight Planner provides an interactive, graphical briefing and can send flight plans to 6 of the top EFB apps on the market. New Leidos Flight Service accounts can be created for free from within the AOPA Flight Planner or AOPA GO. Instructions are provided below for linking existing Leidos accounts or creating new Leidos accounts from within the AOPA Flight Planning Tools:

Existing Leidos Flight Service Account (1800WxBrief):

If you have an existing Leidos Flight Service account, enter the email address associated with that account in the Pilot Info section of the AOPA Flight Planner or AOPA GO. You may be asked to add AOPA as an authorized service provider in your account information on the 1800WxBrief website (1800wxbrief.com). After entering your email address as noted above, additional instructions will be provided if provider authorization is required.

Create a New Leidos Flight Service Account (1800WxBrief):

If you do not have an existing account with Leidos Flight Service, enter the email address you would like to use for setting up a new account in the Pilot Info section of the AOPA Flight Planner or AOPA GO. You will be asked to provide some additional information to finish setting up your account and will receive an email from Leidos Flight Service upon completion that verifies your new account was created successfully. No further authorization will be required when setting up a new 1800WxBrief account.

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For more information about this topic, please read the AOPA news story here:

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