OCFC – Potluck Dinner – G5 Training – New Aircraft to fleet

Good Evening Members and Guest,

We have a few things to announce this week:

3rd Qtr. OCFC Social and G5 Training

Saturday, September 19 @ 4:00 pm8:00 pm

We are finally getting back to social activities at Orlando Christian Flying Club.

We’ll be holding a potluck dinner for our members at the Pilot’s Lounge.

Prior to the dinner, we’ll be holding at short Pilot Training session on the Garmin G5 technology as an introduction to capabilities of the Attitude Indicator and HSI features.  Our aircraft owners strongly advise you attend this training session as all our aircraft in the fleet use G5 Technology.

We look forward to all our members attending if possible.

New Aircraft to our Fleet

We are happy to announce that we have finally added another Piper PA-28 (N2961W) to our fleet.  This aircraft is currently hangar’d in Deland and has been added to FlightCircle for reservations.  Please get with a club flight instructor to make sure you have the proper training on both Aircraft & Avionics checkouts and Deland Municipal Airport (KDED) operations and procedures.

New Membership Enrollment

Now that we’ve been able to add to our fleet, our Membership Enrollment will now open back up for new members to join our club.  If you’ve requested information in the past 3 months to join, one of our board members will be reaching out to you with information on were you stand and the process of applying to OCFC.

Stay Tuned….

More big announcements coming soon…

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