OCFC – Rental Requirement Clarifications

Good Afternoon Members and Potential Members,

The board of directors recently met to discuss club business and one of the topics we discussed with the aircraft owners & CFI’s, is prolonged duration’s of flight in a 24 hour period.

As you know, per our Rental Agreement, that all club aircraft flown more than 500nm from KSFB or outside of the USA, need to have owners permission prior to flight.  A major reason for this is to prevent members from being stranded far from home or even worse, the aircraft being abandoned far from home.

10. Cross country flights: Prior approval by the aircraft owner is required for any flight outside of the USA or for any flight over 500nm from SFB.

As a newly ratified requirement, the owners and CFI’s have also agreed that the club members shall not fly more than 8-10 hours in a 24 hour period to mitigate the possibility of fatigue during flight.

All club members must be mindful (as PIC) that you are not allowed to exceed the the 100 hour inspection mark as part of your flight planning.  Even though the regulations allow for additional time to ferry aircraft to inspection destinations, our aircraft also have AD requirements that do not allow you to exceed a 100 hour inspection to maintain airworthiness requirements.  As PIC you are responsible for monitoring all aspects of your flight and its requirements.

Board of Directors

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