OCFC – 9R/27L Closures NOTAM


We will be partially closing Runway 9R/27L on Friday, April 19th and Monday, April 22nd to repair some of the pavement on Runway 18/36.

The NOTAM’s will be issued such that 9R will be closed to arrivals and open to departures. Runway 27L will be open to arrivals and closed to departures.

Friday we will be milling the old pavement and Monday we will be paving. Soon after, we will put down temporary markings on 18/36 and then we can reopen Runway 18/36 with some minor future closures of 18/36 to put down permanent markings.

If anyone has any questions, please let me know.

George D. Speake, Jr, C.M.
Executive Vice President/COO
Airport Security Coordinator
Sanford Airport Authority

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