Taxiway S Closure – NOTAM

Please see note below from Airport Operations concerning taxiway closures next week.


On Tuesday December 4, 2018, we are planning to close (weather permitting) TWY S BTN RWY 18/36 and TWY S-2 to remove existing Holding Position markings, SPHP sign and Enhanced TWY centerline markings at RWY 18/36 eastside. They will be relocated approx. 40’ east to their new position co-located with new Runway 9R Departure Surface Holding Position. This work is planned to be completed as much as possible this day and only to return the next day Wednesday 12/05 to paint the white alpha numeric symbols on the SPHPS.

This will close off any taxi route to / from the Southeast ramp. Any aircraft needing access will have to land 09R/27L. Since TWY S-1’s TSA is intruded we will need to close this as well. Access to this end of the RWY will be via a back taxi only.

RWY 18/36 will be closed except taxi north of TWY E for the duration due to the possibility of no markings and working in the safety area at TWY S.

On Wednesday Dec 05 we will return to paint the white alpha numeric symbols on the SPHPS and should be closed for a limited time. TWY S will be closed BTN RWY 18-36 and TWY S-1 ; TWY S-1 will remain open. As soon as the paint has dried we will reopen the TWY. In conjunction with this closure work will begin, moving the Holding Position Sign to its new location. This work is clear of the Taxiway Safety Area and require no closures. However, they will be in the Taxiway Object Free Area and appropriate NOTAMS and safety measures will be implemented.

When finished with the hydro blasting on TWY S, the hydro blaster will move to TWY K1 to remove the SPHPS at K1 and RWY09C. For this we will need to close RWY09C to landing traffic and 27C will be closed completely. During this time we can/ will open TWY S and S-1 for use. Although, we will close again once complete with TWY K-1.

RY09C will remain open for departing traffic. SPHPS at K-1 will be repainted on Wednesday (Red) and Thursday (white). At no time will the two areas be closed at the same time.

Thank you in advance for any inconveniences and your continued cooperation

Rick Shea
Director of Airport Operations
(Asst. Airport Security Coordinator)

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