BOLO – Bear Activity around Sanford/Orlando Airport

Good afternoon everyone –

Please see note below from the Airport Authority….


Sanford Airport Authority Tenants:

FFWC has informed us of recent bear activity near the National Reserve building located at Lake Mary Blvd and Skyway Dr. (near the Boombah Sports Complex). FFWC will be attempting to trap the bear. However, this may prompt the bear to increased activity to avoid being trapped and a slim possibility that the bear could dig under or climb over the fence and gain access to the airfield.

Please exercise extra diligence and advise your students, tenants and customers of the same and please make sure your trash bins are secure.

If you should sight the bear please contact Control at 407-585-4102.

Best Regards,

Jacqueline Lauterbach
Sanford Airport Authority

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