Welcome N7462W

Good evening OCFC members,

We recently signed a lease agreement with longtime OCFC member Wayne Keyes for the use of his aircraft in the club.  N7462W is a 1963 Cherokee PA28-180B, which offers a cruise speed of about 140 MPH at 10 gal/hr fuel burn and a useful load of just over 1000 lbs.  This is a great aircraft for training and VFR flying.  N7462W is hangered at the SE ramp so you will have all the great amenities offered there, including the low self-serve fuel rates.  N7462W will be offered at $48/hr, plus taxes.  As with other OCFC aircraft, this is a dry rate based on tach time.  Wayne plans to complete an avionics upgrade in 2018, at which time the rental rate will be revised and will likely increase by about 10%.  Please be sure to thank Wayne for the use of his aircraft, and remember to treat it well.

Aircraft manuals and checkout questions will be distributed to all members in the next couple of days.  A checkout flight with a club CFI is required in order to obtain scheduling and flight privileges in this aircraft.  If a checkout flight in N7462W is completed prior to Jan 31 2018, OCFC will credit that member’s account $50.  In addition, OCFC is waiving reactivation fees for all inactive members through Jan 31 2018.

Please contact a board member if you have any questions.

Thank you,

Dale Jahn
Secretary, OCFC

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