Looking to Add New Aircraft

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We are currently looking for new aircraft to join our club.

Our Not-For-Profit Member-Only Flying Club is currently looking to add another aircraft to its fleet. We currently have a Cessna 182Q and are interested in adding either a Cessna 172 or Piper Cherokee 160 or 180. Our aircraft each typically fly about 25-35 hours per month. We may bring on additional members depending on the amount of usage our owners require. Potential aircraft must be IFR equipped and well maintained.

If you are interested in speaking to us about your aircraft and a possible fit, please feel free to contact Dale Jahn, at 407-864-5400 or dale.jahn@gmail.



The club offers many benefits and covers many fixed costs such as:
– Owner Sets Club Usage Rates
– Co-op Self Service Reduced Fuel Rates
– Negotiated Hangar Allowance
– Insurance (hull value determined by owner)
– GPS Updates/Subscriptions
– Club supplies all oil usage
– Club Covers Damaged items (either by club or members)
– Membership Quarterly wash and wax all aircraft
– Require Membership Annual Training for Each Type of Aircraft
(i.e. C172 and C182 require separate checkouts)
– And more…


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