Welcome our New Board Members!

For Ben’s retirement as President, we had celebratory Byers Ice cream and Homemade “no flour” cookies (made by Andrew Saridakis).

12 Club members & 2 guests were in attendance.

Lance Clouse and Andrew Saridakis volunteered for President
Mark Copenhaver and Peter Napoli volunteered for Chief Flight Instructor

Each candidate gave a short presentation of their qualifications, what they felt they could contribute to growing the club, and making our membership process, and badging process more streamlined.

Voting results indicated that each candidate made a respectable impression on the 12 present.

The results:

President: Lance Clouse
Chief Flight Instructor: Peter Napoli

Treasurer: Andrew Stevens
Secretary: Chris Weldon
Social Coordinator: Linda Barker

Feel free to reach out to them for any club-related issues.
We hope to have Bios of our Board members and Flight Instructors on the website soon.

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