Runway closures as of August 31st

On Tuesday August 31, 2021 we are planning to close RWY 09L/27R and a modified closure of RWY 18/36 ( RWY 18/36 CLSD EXC TAX N OF RWY 09L/27R AND TAX S OF RWY 09C/27C ). This is to accommodate asphalt paving in the Runway Safety Areas of both runways and airfield lighting work within the same area. This is a critical path that must occur to be ready for the upcoming RWY 09L/27R runway keel repair scheduled for September 12-16. Currently we have only 1 air carrier arrival and 1 departure, scheduled for the evening (1800L ARR / 1840L DEP). I am planning the closure for 0730L -1700L (1130Z-2100Z), however, we don’t expect it to take this entire time frame to complete the work needed in this area. We will reopen RWY09L/27R as soon as able. Again this is a must for us to complete this work to be prepared for the upcoming mill and overlay repair project of 09L/27R. Any unplanned / rescheduled air carrier operations will need to be scheduled around this work.

09C/27C & 09R/27L will remain unaffected.

We appreciate everyone’s cooperation,

Rick Shea
Director of Airport Operations
(Alternate Airport Security Coordinator)

Sanford Airport Authority
1200 Red Cleveland Blvd.
Sanford, FL 32773

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