OCFC is currently looking to expand our current fleet.
If you are looking to share your love of flight with your plane, please feel free to contact us.


Benefits of OCFC Membership

SouthEast Ramp Pilot's Lounge

OCFC has many benefits, one of which is full access to the SouthEast Ramp Pilot Lounge.  The lounge has a full working kitchen to entertain or just cook up a quick lunch.  Outfitted with snack and soda machines or bring your own lunch and store in the refrigerator.

Pre-Flight area fully equipped using radios and computer with high-speed internet access to everything necessary for weather advisories, flight planning, and destination available amenities.

Relax in reclining chairs while catching the latest news or favorite tv show with satellite tv on a big screen.  Or just sit and share in comradery with other pilots.

The conference area is large enough to conduct meetings with your clients or organizations.

And lastly, blow off some steam with a game of pool.

Best Fuel Prices Around

Club members have access to lower fuel prices due to the SouthEast Ramp Fuel Co-op.  This self serve access gives our members some of the lowest fuel prices around.  Keep checking our site for current pricing.

Not-For-Profit Flying Club

We are a not-for-profit Florida Corporation.  Because the club is setup this way, the club keeps its operating costs and member prices low which in turn benefits its members.